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Episode 85 - Dice Simulator Reveal, AMG News, and Kallus Game Recap

Join the Legion Academy this week as we reveal the dice simulator hosted on our website built by Michael Hammond. We also go over AMG news, and the games we have played with and against Agent Kallus lists.

Episode 84 - Leaks! Yoda, Wookies, Droids and More!

Join the Legion Academy live on YouTube as we chat about all the new Star Wars Legion leaks that have happened since our last cast. We will also be covering Kashyyyk style basing in our hobby segment, some game recaps, and a special guest family interview in our community segment. We also launch our new website: www.legionacademy.net

Episode 83 - Atomic Mass Games Star Wars Legion Stream Recap

Join us as we recap the news today from the Star Wars Legion live stream from Atomic Mass Games. Shawn also discusses his first Invader League Game.

Episode 82 - CIS and Republic Personnel Unboxing and List Building Discussion

Join the Legion Academy as we unbox the Star Wars Legion CIS and Republic Personnel expansions. We are also discussing list building. Are you a meta player, a skew list player, a net lister, or do you emphasize theme? We will be talking about all sorts of list archetypes that we have been seeing lately.

Episode 81 - Generic Commander Discussion

Join the Legion Academy Live as we chat about the new Generic Commanders for Star Wars Legion!

Episode 80 - CIS and Republic Personnel Expansion Discussion

Join the Legion Academy as we chat about the CIS and Republic Personnel Expansions. We will also chat about some of the lists we have been trying out with them.

Episode 79 - New Player Questions and List Building

Join us live as we answer new player questions for Star Wars Legion and talk about some list building options.

Episode 78 - Anakin Obi Wan List Discussion

The Legion Academy is Live chatting about the Gamestorm Hoth Luke tournament and Joe's winning Anakin Obi Wan list.

Episode 77 - Discussion with Jordan of Skull Forge Studios

Join the Legion Academy as we chat with Jordan Cuffie of Skull Forge Studios.

Episode 76 - Agent Kallus and Lando Reveal Discussion

Join the Legion Academy as we chat about the Agent Kallus and Lando Reveal Articles for Star Wars Legion! We also bring in special guests Paul Watson, Matt Kissh and Jace Pippin.

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