Legion Academy Podcast

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Episode 15 - Cooking up some Tank Tactics

Join us this week for our post Father's Day and Pre-Worlds chat with Luke and Chris Cook. We also do a tech talk segment on the tank, and chat about the 500 point format.

Episode 14 - The Landspeeder, Objectively Playable

Join us this week as John and Joe recap their final escalation league games. We do a tech talk segment on the landspeeder, and bring Nathan Wilens on to talk about his experiences and struggles playing against the landspeeder. 

Episode 13 - Cease and Desist

Join us this week as we talk about the importance of thoroughly play-testing unit viability and synergies before claiming that the sky is falling. We also do a tech talk segment on a few Jyn/Sabine lists that are designed to disrupt some of the new death trooper lists. We also talk about how to add value to the game by posting positive experiences. 

Episode 12 - The Eclectic Token Set

Join us this week as we talk about our new acrylic token subscription service and the cool stuff you can expect to receive from that. We chat with Adam from theeclecticgamer.com on the design philosophy and process of creating the tokens. We also do a tech talk segment on Medical Droids, discuss different narrative campaigns, and announce the details of our next giveaway.

Episode 11 - Sabine Exploding onto the Scene

Join us this week as we talk about GenCon and Invader League. We also discuss Sabine at length and expand upon the unit analysis article we put up about her on legionacademy.net. Finally we chat briefly about our 400 point games this week.

Episode 10 - Legion Academy X

Join us this week for our 10th episode as we talk about debuting our new website: legionacademy.net. On legionacademy.net you will find our tech talk articles on unit analysis and mechanics, terrain building tutorials from The Terrain Studio, community building articles, links to our past and future giveaways, local community news, and much more. We also cover the three lists that we have been having the most success with lately. 

Episode 9 - Chewie, We Love You 3000

Join us this week as we honor Peter Mayhew's memory by doing a tech talk segment on Chewbacca. We also talk more about the invader league, announce the winner of our Darth Vader Alt Art giveaway, and discuss keeping a cool head and positive attitude on our community segment. 

Episode 8 - Providing Peace and Security for the Galaxy

Join us this week as we talk about the official reveal of legiontournamentcircuit.com and what that means for the competitive community. We also talk about a controversial topic surrounding charge tokens, tech talk on death troopers, and making terrain for the terrain studio with Jace. Make sure to enter our giveaway for the full art Darth Vader unit card and command cards!

Episode 7 - A Compelling Chat With Dave From Imperial Terrain

Join us this week as we talk about our experience at Star Wars Celebration, how the compel keyword actually works, and interview Dave Lawson from Imperial Terrain. Make sure to listen for the announcement of our next giveaway as well as a coupon code to use on your next purchase at imperialterrain.com

Episode 6 - Year Two Prospects with Nick Freeman

Join us this week as we interview Nick Freeman about his undefeated showing at the Adepticon LCQ and High Command tournaments, his winning list, chess clocks and more. We also do a tech talk segment on E-Webs and 1.4 FD Turrets, revisit our previous saboteur discussion a bit, and talk about how to prepare your community for the upcoming Clone Wars release. Shawn gives some great hobby tips as well!