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Episode 56 - Bombing Run and Listener Questions

Join us this week as we chat about the bombing run objective and get hyped for the Gen Con Virtual In Flight Report. We answer some of the questions you sent us and speculate on what we might like to see in Legion.

Episode 55 - LVO 2021 is Sold Out! Chatting with Crabbok and LJ Peña

Join us as we chat with special guests Crabbok and LJ Peña to discuss LVO 2021 selling out super quickly. What to expect this year for both first timers to LVO (Crabbok) or those who have been before (Joe, Shawn and LJ). LJ also gives us the rundown on running the event as well.

Episode 54 - Revisiting R2-D2

Join us with our special guest co-host Jace Pippin as we revisit our R2-D2 discussion with some new thoughts.

Episode 53 - Tabletop Simulator and Invader League with Jace Pippin

Join the Legion Academy as we chat with Jace Pippin about his Invader League run and Shawn's early experiences with Tabletop Simulator (TTS).

Episode 52 - Heavy Armor on Vital Assets Objectives

Join the Legion Academy as we chat more about the heavy armor lists that feel strong on certain Vital Assets objectives in Star Wars Legion.

Episode 51 - Cad Bane Reveal

Join us as we fully spoil Cad Bane. We talk about his unit card, his three command cards, and give some initial thoughts on interesting tactics that can be done with him. Special thanks to everyone at Fantasy Flight Games for giving us permission to reveal Cad Bane to the community!

Episode 50 - Commando Droid Chat with LJ Peña

Wow, we made it 50 episodes! Join us as we celebrate by chatting with LJ Peña about changes to his CIS list for the new season of Invader League. With so many new options, there will be a lot more list diversity. We also announce our upcoming weekend stream in which FFG has allowed us to do a full reveal of Cad Bane!

Episode 49 - Chatting with LJ Peña about Double the Fall

Join us as we chat with LJ Peña about the new tournament regulations, silhouettes, and the double the fall list that he was very successful with this competitive season.

Episode 48 - Knowledge and Defense Invitational Recap with WInner John Griffin

Join us as we clear our backlog of older stream audio. This episode featured John Griffin, the winner of the Knowledge and Defense Invitational (aka "Fake Worlds"). We chat with him about his unique list, his games, and upcoming releases such as Inferno Squad and Clan Wren. 

Episode 47 - Iden Version Preview

We are here clearing out the backlog of older streams and converting them into Podcast audio. Join us as we chat about Iden Version right after we found out about the Adepticon cancellation.