Legion Academy Podcast

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Episode 45 - Adepticon Prep

Join us as we chat about what we are expecting to see at Adepticon and what we might bring.

Episode 44 - New RRG Entries

Join us as we pour through all the new RRG entries and discuss some of the more significant changes. These changes will be in effect for all Primes this weekend. Enjoy this extended episode!

Episode 43 - Tanks for Everything

Join us as we talk about the two new clone Wars tanks and Shawn's Kashyyyk build. We also debut our poker chip activation tokens. You can pre-order them at www.legionacademy.net

Episode 42 - Padme, Cad Bane, Arcs and Commandos

Join us as we chat about all the previews that were shown on the FFG stream this week. We also chat about Operative Vader and Luke as they will be legal at the Primes this weekend.

Episode 41- LVO Recap Part 2 with LJ Pena and Kyle Crosser

join us for our chat with LJ Pena and Kyle Crosser about LVO, the floor rules, future events, lists and more.

Episode 40 - LVO Recap and Celebration

Join us this week as we talk about how much fun we had in Las Vegas at LVO. Shawn managed to finish in the top 8 and Joe's team with Jeff Arney went undefeated in the team tournament. A great time was had by all. We chat about our games, the tables, the prizes, the camaraderie, the famous dice box, costumes, and more. 

Episode 39 - Gamestorm’s Prime Championship

Join us this week as we recap and give our thoughts on the largest store tournament in the world to date, the Gamestorm Prime Championship. We talk about the list diversity, the tables, and the strengths of a proper 8-9 activation list. We also chat about LVO, our Friday Night Fights stream, and our most recent hobby projects.

Episode 38 - Birthday Death Star

Join us as we celebrate Joe's Birthday by giving the gift he has always wanted, a Death Star. That's right, Shawn built a Death Star in the studio. The Legion Academy is now a physical place! Don't forget to join us on Facebook for our Friday Night Fights stream at 7:30 CST.

Episode 37 - Dooku Vs Grievous

Join us for a recap of our weekly games as we ponder who we like better, Dooku or Grievous. We also show a bunch of new Patreon token prototypes, and discuss more about the 500 point skirmish format for Star Wars Legion. You can now find the video recording of this cast on the Legion Academy YouTube channel as well.

Episode 36 - Interview With Game Designer Alex Davy

Join us for a very special episode in which we have the privilege of interviewing game designer Alex Davy. We chat with him about the creation of the 500 point skirmish format, and get some juicy details on the future of the format and some upcoming additions to the rules reference guide!