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Episode 6 - Year Two Prospects with Nick Freeman

Join us this week as we interview Nick Freeman about his undefeated showing at the Adepticon LCQ and High Command tournaments, his winning list, chess clocks and more. We also do a tech talk segment on E-Webs and 1.4 FD Turrets, revisit our previous saboteur discussion a bit, and talk about how to prepare your community for the upcoming Clone Wars release. Shawn gives some great hobby tips as well!

Episode 5 - Adepticon Recap with Davis Kingsley and Brendon Franz

Join us this week as we interview Adepticon High Command winner Davis Kingsley and the Marshall for both the LCQ and High Command, Brendon Franz. We also announce the winner of our Deathtrooper giveaway! 

Episode 4 - Death on the Horizon

Join us this week as we talk more about Adepticon, tournament etiquette, and tech talk on Saboteurs. We also give details about how to enter our Deathtrooper GIVEAWAY!

Episode 3 - Polite Talk with LJ Peña and Jeff Arney

Join us this week as we interview LJ Peña aka Talkpolite about his bevy of upcoming projects including the newly announced Legion Tournament Circuit, the record breaking Invader League, and Adepticon. We also chat with Jeff Arney, the 312th Legion's community leader and tournament organizer about his advice on community building. We also cover some tech talk on Stormtroopers and Rebel Troopers. 

Episode 2 - Burn the Wookies at the Rallypoint

Welcome back to The Legion Academy - a Star Wars Legion podcast featuring Joe DePinto and John Griffin of the 312th Legion, as well as Shawn Morris of The Terrain Studio. This week we chat about our upcoming Rallypoint Qualifiers, tech talk on Royal Guards and Wookies, how to learn from losses, and the ways in which we prefer to demo the game to new players.

Episode 1 - Welcome to the Academy

Welcome to the Legion Academy - A Star Wars Legion Podcast! Joe DePinto and John Griffin of the 312th Legion as well as Shawn Morris of the Terrain Studio are teaming up to talk about the latest Legion news, competitive play, tech talk and strategies, and community building. Tune in weekly for new episodes, giveaways, and more!