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Episode 36 - Interview With Game Designer Alex Davy

Join us for a very special episode in which we have the privilege of interviewing game designer Alex Davy. We chat with him about the creation of the 500 point skirmish format, and get some juicy details on the future of the format and some upcoming additions to the rules reference guide!

Episode 35 - R2-D2 and C-3PO

Join us for a bonus podcast this week as we talk about the new keywords for R2-D2 and C-3PO as well as some early thoughts on tactics and lists for them.

Episode 34 - Rex, Dooku and the “Meta”

Join us this week as we chat about Captain Rex and Count Dooku's Unit and Command Cards. We also discuss the meaning of the word "Meta" and whether or not it applies to you.

Episode 33 - Clone Wars Basics Part 2

Join us this week for our first ever live stream podcast. We focus on the support units in the Clone Wars Core Set as well as a few of the other keywords. We couldn't be happier with how well the live stream format worked out, but we don't want to stop putting out the audio podcast for those of you who enjoy this format. Thanks for listening!

Episode 32 - Clone Wars Basics Part 1

Join us this week as we invite Jace Pippin to help us get back to basics in our two part series where we talk about new rules and keywords that have come about in the new Clone Wars Core Set. We also talk about some common rules mistakes that we have seen both new and veteran players make. 

Episode 31 - A New B1ginning

Join us this week as we chat about all things related to the Clone Wars core set and the new Corps trooper unit expansions. 

Episode 30 - Rallypoints, Core Sets, and Contests

Join us this week as we talk about our day at the Gamestorm RPQ including building a Naboo table until 4 am the morning of, our experiences playing with and against CIS, and our announcement of yet another contest!

Episode 29 - Furball Standing By

Join us this week as we talk about the success of the furball list, the FD vs the AT-RT, and some standby shenanigans that Shawn was able to pull off. Shawn also talks about a fun project where he converted a friends wooden dice tower into a much better looking laser turret.

Episode 28 - Tanks for Everything

Join us this week as we talk about the developer AMA, some effective lists we saw this week featuring the FD, Wookies, and the Tank, and a preview of some of our upcoming content.

Episode 27 - Elevating Your Games

Join us this week as we talk about our wins and losses. We also chat with Dave from Imperial Terrain about his very successful Cochin Industrial District Terrain Set Kickstarter campaign. We also discuss interesting ways to incorporate vertical terrain and gameplay, as well as a number of house rules that you can agree to play with your opponent. Some of these include opening and closing doors, incorporating deadly terrain or pieces that grant status effects, and upgrades you can use to get around them.