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Episode 26 - Beating a Dead Tauntaun

Join us this week as we talk about countering tauntauns, especially with AT RTs. We also chat generally about some other units and strategies, and we chat about terrain making and more.

Episode 25 - Points Rebalance and New Lists

Join us this week as we talk about the points rebalance and errata. We come up with some of our new favorite lists and some of our predictions for what will be good and bad as the new meta develops.

Episode 24 - Jamming with the Lizard Wizard

Join us this week as we talk about the Imperial Terrain Kickstarter, Nova tables, Palpatine, Intercept the transmissions shenanigans, and of all things...Comms Jammers. 

Episode 23 - Ultra Super Omega Monster Combos

Join us this week as we chat about Shawn's RPQ win with the Leia, triple vet, triple tauntaun list that we talked about last week. Also, we chat about Jyn's counter suppressive list tactics, some other big swingy combos that you can do with uplinked vets and shores, our logo contest, and Shawns work on the Imperial Terrain Kickstarter.

Episode 22 - We Need Fire Support

Join us this week as we chat about our lists and the success we have been having with tauntauns, rebel veterans, shoretroopers, and more. We also chat about some different fire support combos for each of the three factions that have access to it, and how they counter tauntauns. Shawn also gives us some insight into the latest Terrain Studio project.

Episode 21 - Better Late Than Never - Post Gen Con Review

Join us this week as we chat about working and playing at Gen Con. We had so much fun and we hope those of you who went did too. We also talk about the state of the podcast going forward and some of the fun things we have in the works.

Episode 20 - Wallet Annihilation Looms

Join us this week as we talk about everything Gen Con! Make sure to stop by the FFG booth and chat with us while you are there.

Episode 19 - Arm(or)ed and Dangerous

Join us this week as we discuss our experiences at the Muncie, Indiana Rallypoint Qualifier. Shawn gives us some insight into the build process for the Geonosis table seen on the FFG Clone Wars stream. We chat about the recent resurgence of armor at our last few major tournaments. And we have two guests on for interviews- Paul Watson, winner of the Muncie Indiana RPQ with a 0 strike team triple rotary canon list, and Douglas Kropp, winner of the Northeast Open with Double Bounty.

Episode 18 - Begun, the Clone War Has…

Join us this week as we talk about all the juicy Clone Wars reveals. We theorize on a few new tactics that you can use with the new factions, and we do a tech talk segment on Rebel Veterans and Fire Support. We also talk about our plans for the quarter 2 token subscription.

Episode 17 - The Top Imperials at Worlds

Join us this week as we interview Eric Riha (R1H4) and Luke Cook about their amazing showings at Worlds. We also do a tech talk segment on scratch building terrain and Shawn's contributions to the Worlds tables.